WHY ALUMINUM? – Increased Payload

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If you make a living driving your truck on the open road, you will understand the importance of maximising your loading capacity. No matter what industry you are in, payload is essential.

At Duralloy Truck Bodies we are continually improving our products to ensure our customers get the most payload possible. Constructed almost entirely of high grade aluminium components our truck bodies are an average of 35% lighter than the traditional steel alternative.

Lighter Tray = Increased Payload

This allows users of our aluminium truck body solutions to carry more goods in fewer trips, cutting company costs significantly, as less drivers and vehicles are required. Depending on your industry, extra payload can also allow for inclusion of more accessories or equipment such as toolboxes, cranes and racking.

A Duralloy custom built alumimum service body fit out like this, complete with toolboxes, racking and other equipment still has room for tools and supplies with our Extra Heavy-Duty Tray Solution.

All Duralloy aluminium truck bodies are engineer certified and load tested to prove strength and durability, so although they are lighter in weight the strength of the tray is not compromised. With SWL load rating of up 2100kg per pallet space of tray and with floor thickness options of up to 8mm we can provide you the ultimate payload, maximising the usability of your tray.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how much more you can carry on your vehicle with our innovative aluminium solutions!